BDF System Addon For Renault T Range/Premium

Renault T Range
Renault Premium
-Load Order
Renault Premium By Schumi
Swap Body Renault
Og Swap body
Mod Dependecy



7 thoughts on “BDF System Addon For Renault T Range/Premium

  1. TruckerGermany

    Hallo. In Renault T sind Textur fehler drin. Siehe Rechte und Linke seite am Tank

    1. Hello,they look weird..don’t they? That actually how they supposed to look like,compare it with other Renault chassis,you’ll see

    2. oh my god,you are right i watched some videos about Renault T range on ets 2 they don’t look the same at all,the renault t range in my game is broken…

  2. bad mod actually uses the mercedes benz chassis and even the benz taillights what is this …..

    1. i guess you are new…Sebastian is modelling new chassis at the meanwhile i’m implementing his chassis into the trucks,if you don’t like my work,you can wait for Sebastian or you can press x on top on the right to close the page
      easy no?

  3. Please do this BDF pack for Magnum 🙂

    1. it is available here’s the link


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