BDF Tandem Ristimaa Retro

BDF Tandem Truck Pack by Flemming V.
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10 thoughts on “BDF Tandem Ristimaa Retro

  1. AvM Transport

    Why you don’t pack all to one?
    4 (maybe more) sites only your ####. WHY?????

    1. YES, ###### SMAP, ugly skins.etc…………..really KID work. SPAM

    2. Actually, schools is closed. Kids spam all sites for proof at people he trash work. 😀

  2. Matt_07ita

    Ma la cosa più strana e che ha fatto tutta sta roba in così poco tempo.

  3. Desperate people for some desperate pennies from Sharemods…

    1. You agree.

  4. nportegies

    Why always those negative reactions.
    If you can do it better yourself, show it and share it with everyone.
    Skin work is never good, that’s why I quit.
    Always complaining, or it takes too long, only true enthusiasts were always satisfied. But people who never do anything for the players of ETS2 or ATS are whining and complaining.

    If you don’t like it, browse through it, or learn to make mods and skins as well.

  5. Fools, I am wealthy and I have a lot of time, I do it for people for free, so that there is variety in the game

  6. This site change for Olek site, or hacked by kid?
    4 pages with spam bad skin mods.
    This site is actually trashcan fake modders.
    Sorry for the good Grimes, Jazzycat, Omenman, TrafficManiac, and others good mappers with me.

  7. Thanks and congratulations for the work man!!!

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