Bennekebens Lowerd Peterbilt 389 mod v 1.0

Bennekebens-Lowerd-Peterbilt-389-mod-v-1.0-1 Bennekebens-Lowerd-Peterbilt-389-mod-v-1.0-2

This mod will work with peterbilt 4.0 & Transformer Version
Tested on ETS2 Version 1.14.2 &
Check the Mod info below to find Links to the Original Trucks
This mod is not the Complete 389 Peterbilt Truck
You Need to have atleast 1 of the original Truck mods to play this mod

This mod has been divided in 2 Parts.


Part 1 Includes:
– Lowerd Chassis for the Stock 389 Old and New Style in different stages
– Added Tuning Fenders (+-10)
– Added the Transformer Flame skin with a R-scripted version to make it able to change the colours
– BC Red Painted Bonus Chassis( Only 1 Pre-selected Lowerd Stage availible)

Part 2 Includes:
– Lowerd Transformer Chassis in different stages
– Rescripted version of the OP Flame Skin
– BC Red Painted Bonus Chassis( Only 1 Pre-selected Lowerd Stage availible)

Mod Info:
– This mod will only work if u have at least 1 of the Peterbilt 389 mods active
– If you have the 4.0 version u are able to select the transformer chassis, to have the Stylish Front Fenders
– This will not add the Parts of the transformer version
– The Transformer Parts do NOT work on the Stock chassis (old/new)
– You need to have the transformer mod active to enable to the Special parts on your lowerd version.
– As the huge exhaust pipes, interior,…
– Below are 2 links to the original versions of the truck.

Customizations done:
– Rescripted file for the optimus prime dds (Flame Skin)
– Fender swap for stock model from transformer edition
– All Chassis are lowerd in 3 different stages for the Old, New and Transformer chassis Working

No lifted axles have been added for the lower ets game versions support

Download this version for the original old and new chassis
Download link to STD Truck >
Download link to Transformer Truck >
Download this version for the transformer parts being able to add on the lowerd versions.

Author: Bennekeben


25 thoughts on “Bennekebens Lowerd Peterbilt 389 mod v 1.0

  1. Is there lowered variants for the old school chassis in the transformer version? The version that has orange lights instead of blue?

    1. Bennekeben

      Yes there is >>
      See the screenshot on my steam profile for lots more pictures of the Lowerd peterbilt mod.
      also showing a variaty of Custom colour choice on the OP flame skin.

      1. R3dN3ckR0b

        hey bennekeben, i love what you have man, its awesome!! but question, 1:could you make a 357 Flat Top mod with this? 2: Anyway i could message you on steam with a couple ideas?

  2. Hehe, looks nice 🙂 I like those trucks 🙂

    1. Bennekeben

      Thx bud! enjoy the reworked script for the skin to choose your favorite colour 🙂

      im curious to see your style! feel free to show screenshots on my site !

      1. sup fellas, man ive been trying to download the lower chassis for the 389 for the past 3 days but i cant, my winrar wont open it. once it loads it goes to my wordpad i dont understand lol. can anybody help me out here.what other program opens this file? thank you in advance.

  3. Melichov_SU

    Bennekebens Lowerd Peterbilt 389 mod v 1.0

    V_I_D_E_O :

  4. Peterbilt 379 Flat Top 3 would be best

  5. Great Bennekeben if you have time .please create mod for 1.15 all truck low chassis.THANKU

    1. bennekeben

      Check out bennekebens lowrider mod 1.3
      This mod is being update to fix bug and 1.15 compatibility
      That mod has lowrd chassis for all trucks but due updates of ets some chassis are bugged/so thats being fixed. the mod works fine below 1.14versions

  6. Good luck ruining your truck with a lowered Chassis it doesn’t make sense to do it to American trucks i can see it being done on European trucks, but it look like a Elephants ### when you lower an american Truck

    1. bennekeben

      Lol … Do some research u will be suprised..

    2. Like Bennekeben say do some research. Oh I help you.

  7. Author: Bennekeben наверно страдает “манией величия”. Ему наплевать что до него к этому моду были причастны и другие создатели, вот некоторые из них:
    Авторы в(АТС), (ГТС), (Haulin):
    Builder by Ivan (Haulin)
    Import ATS/GTS and building : Kenworth58(2)
    GTS import: Iljaxas
    Parts :
    Ivan, Superman, Classick, Bayonett, Artic Wolf, Cedric, Peter379, Colonel, Dylan, Matt,
    Wheels: VENTYRES©Ventures87 and Ivan

    Авторы в ЕТС2:
    Конверт, анимация и прописка в ЕТС2 – “dmitry68” и “Stas556”
    Sound: Kriechbaum
    Колеса добавленные от “preta”
    Пускай останется на его совести, если она есть конечно.

    1. Bennekeben

      maybe u dont see it but im not claiming credit for the truck.. there are links to the upload ofthe original truck wich shows the credits over there..

      It says Author Bennekeben because i take credit for making the this Lowerd chassis Mod for “YOUR” truck.

      obvious its sad to see that most of trolls are to stuck up to realize i have created it this way u need your truck aswell to have all functions.
      So it forces people to download your truck aswell.
      and for u some extra penny’s that u guys could enjoy that your truck still is active
      so then come call me a thief.. obvious i needed your truck to create the lowerd chassis.

      Neither did i forget to add your names to it because below in the mod info are links directly to your mod added here. so i assumed people allready know who the real authors are by now…

      would be handy if u just shared the credits in english then aswell..

      1. Don’t worry dude.

        the people who made this truck (MADE, not converted) already hate these russians for ruining their truck. don’t worry too much what they say, no-one else does.

        1. kriechbaum

          When you see this truck, could you tell me what has been ruined ?


          1. Yes, compare it to original (and by original I don’t mean a conversion).

  8. Mod; Optimus Prime by Fabio Contier !

  9. THE AUTHOR! All same mistakes! Game log whole red!!! SAWHORSE!

  10. Aventador

    this mod have serious problems with some Stock 389 and old chassis. the main problem is shadow bug it looks like a glass and its really annoiyng fix this bullshit as soon as possible.

  11. pobres… infelismente!

    Optimus Prime by Fabio Contier. BRASIL!

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