Bennekeben’s Sneepels V8 Sound mod

Bennekeben's Sneepels V8 Sound mod

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Respect the Original Link if u want to Share.
Visit our site to find all Original Links (Site link Below)
This mod is open for Personal changes.
New Sound Samples Created by Bennekeben.
Sound Samples may be Used for other Purposes in change of Credits to Author.(Bennekeben)

Feel Free to sign up and be a fan @
Report a bug, Share suggestions, Ask Info/Help, Recieve Email when a new mod is Out.

Bennekeben’s Sneepels V8 SoundMod v1.4

with its new updates
Tested on 1.18 ets2
Best to Add this mod Below the Truck Mods in your ets2/mod folder.

Working sounds for Scania Trucks…
**added new
Scania S Tandem by HobbyTrucker
Scania 124l V4.0 by Satan1990
Scania rcab High 50keda
Scania 143 by Ekualizer
Scania Streamline V3.0 by Bogdan Kasalap
scaniar & streamlineby scs
scania T and R by RJL
scania R by 50keda

Cutted the mod includes sound and engines only.
Wheels and skins are removed
u can still find them in Mod version 1.0


More new sounds added

Created more realism exhaust sound
New shift sound
New Rev sound
New blinker sound
New engines added
New Sound samples created + added
New reworked engine off/on sounds
Reworked sound scripts ,
over 20sound sample setup.
More brake sounds added
Fixed more ticks in samples
Also used..
Added 2 old sound samples from CommadoreOne
Used stock scs sound samples

What u get in this mod ?
The V8 Sneepels sound for the scania trucks
5 different engine types with 4 versions
of sound for
scania model stock SCS
Rcab, Tcab, Streamline RJL
Rcab + Rcab high model 50Keda
143 ekualizer
Streamline v3.0 bodgan
S tandem hobbytrucker
124l 4.0 satan1990

V8 1.4 engines:

V8 1.3-1.0 engines:

No badges on grills only 730.
Still includes All sound updates from version1.0 > 1.4
4 different sounds.
Stand alone engines + sounds for mod compatibilty
This mod allows u to still save the stock sound or
use and other sound mod that Copies the stock sound.
This doesnt work for all trucks.
Stand alone trucks use there own scripts there for i reworked
the stock scripts.
If u use a sound mod it can conflict and u will be able
to choose 1 or adjust compatibility.

Extra Credits

Most Likely,…I will still update to fine tune more to the real deal..when i have the time for it’
if u have suggestions to help or ask questions feel free to contact @
or @steam BC.mods^^Bennekeben
If u have a scania truck where the sound does Not work on, let us know so
we can add it to our next update !

Add the mod below the stand alone trucks to make it work.
Streamline compatibilty requirs u to merge the s_equip and c_equip scripts to make it work.
Created reworked scripts for the stock sound of stand alone trucks 143m , 124l

I was forced to add stock sound scripts for the 143.
To make it work i needed to define the sound to the engines i want.
The scania.143m exterior and interior folders include reworked scripts.
but the sound remaind the original
To make sure the sound works on the 143 u must add this sound mod below the truck itself or it wont work..
to bring mod lower in the list add zzzz_ infront of the name, the more zzz the lower it drops in the list..

1.2 + 1.3
Compatible with other scania sound mods
Yes but i noticed for streamline scania u might be needed to set a suitable command line in the s_equip and c_equip to make sure the game overreads it.
Meaning u need to merge the sii from both mods.
u can find the folders def/vehicle/truck/scania.streamline/ are both equip folders
if u use other sound mods.

Bennekeben , CommadoreOne


41 Responses to Bennekeben’s Sneepels V8 Sound mod

  1. TCab ScaniaFan24 says:

    question? does it work on 1.14 version or just the newer update message me asap plz

    • Faelandaea says:

      If you legally purchase the game, you get game updates and most of the newer mods will work for you then XD

      • mercure says:

        -_- temporary version for incompatible mod… genius.

        • Faelandaea says:

          Or . . . download the updated mod version. Almost every decent mod for this game has been updated to the latest version πŸ™‚ Sorry but most people that use versions that old are using cracked copies.

          Regardless, you will be hard pressed to find any new mods made for versions of the game that are long replaced.

          • mercure says:

            yes i do but not hungary map mod en 1.18 (RHAAAAA!!!!)… i must stayed in 1.15. But today πŸ™‚ hungary map on 1.18 NIIIICE!! πŸ˜‰
            Ps: sorry for very bad english and i understand what you mean for piracy^^

  2. scaniaBENNEKBENV8 says:


  3. c says:

    Oh man oh man! gest better every update you release! never stop please! this is the best so far!!

  4. Sca says:

    Video 1:22-1:56 music name ?

  5. szaman144 says:

    can i have the mod for real gauges?

  6. Gamer_Kate says:

    Your sound mod just gets better and better! Amazing work and once again I’m melting in front of my pc because this sound is fantastic!

  7. breizhdave says:

    not work for scania R2008 V2 by 50 keda

  8. David says:

    Does anyone know where I can acquire the Scania interior shown about time 7:05 on the video please? Thank you.

  9. Christer says:

    This mod doesn’t work with RJL Scania T mod 1.6 I’m using ETS 2 1.18.x Promods, both DLC (Scandinavia and Going East)

  10. ### says:


    your 560 engine needs a fix, bro.
    It has waaaay not enough torque at all.
    The engines seem to have really weird torque numbers anyways.

  11. deineMudda says:

    Does not work with scania RJL (all engines tested) newest version of the truck and game

    • deineMudda says:

      Sorry, it works perfect for the RJL Truck!!!

      Pls make the sound from the end of rpm (about 3000 i think) to 2500 and die sound of 2000 to 1800, than it would sound so f*cking awesome! I love the sound from 3000 rpm but its just able to use if you drive, if you are parking you just can reach 2500 rpm and there it sounds not so good.

  12. melios says:

    Very nice sound! Link please for outside camera you use?

  13. Carl says:

    “Streamline compatibilty requirs u to merge the s_equip and c_equip scripts to make it work”

    How can I do this please someone explain. Thanks

  14. volidas says:

    2000 to 2500 rpm change gear ????
    Like sound is not bad at all but at 1500 is too low your sound
    that at 2000 has to work at 1500.

  15. TodoMundoLocko says:

    I really want this mod, but here doesn’t work with “”Scania T 1.6″” =/
    I’m not using other sound mod, just maps, trucks, traillers and AI

    1.18.x + Scandinavia + TSM + RusMap + RusOpenSpaces + JazzyCat Mods + ….

  16. soto.babik says:

    not work for Scania R730 V.3 Bogdan Kasalap

  17. andenaes says:

    Hey.. I like your dashboard….
    Were to download it??
    Drop a link please….

  18. mercure says:

    yes i do but not hungary map mod en 1.18 (RHAAAAA!!!!)… i must stayed in 1.15. But today πŸ™‚ hungary map on 1.18 NIIIICE!! πŸ˜‰
    Ps: sorry for very bad english and i understand what you mean for piracy^^

  19. Bennekeben says:

    I can aswer most of your Question if u come ask it on my site…
    this site only allows me to add 2 comments a day,
    if u want my help then invite me on steam or sign up my site and go to the forum.

    i have tested all truck so, it should be working fine for all, i need game.log’s to see whats going on at your game for decent and correct support.
    Did u buy a new truck ?
    tried a new account?
    tried a Clean save ?
    is the mod added (correct) in the listing ?
    do u have ets2 version 1.18.x ?
    is the mod selected On in the listing ?

    if u have lower i cant not confirm it will work, the mod has been updated for the latest Rjl T,R,Streamline , also fixed the functionallity of the scania T grill choice should be working on all grills…

    If u have an other sound mod that changes the stock sound then add my mod BELOW the other mod
    To be sure my mods gets readed last add more zzzz infront of the name, u can also use weird icons aslong the mod is down below in the list its ok..

    Also if you have a other scania that doesnt have the sound then share me the link to the mod, i will add it in the next release.

    Sound speed/pitch will be fixed better also in 1.5 as the mod update will still progress.
    i will fix the engine torques aswell.

    The mods seen in video is some of my work and not all is not released. u can find some of the mods on the site that are being shared.

    Works for me with..
    TSM 6.0
    Jazzycats truck traffic,trailermod, also fixed older version of his tank + train trailer mods
    shitload of scania trucks
    my camera mod
    my asphalt mod
    and an other 3gig of mods..

    so far i know this mod only has problems with the streamline grill on compatibility with other sound mod.

    This comment is an answer to all decent questions above.
    for more info read the begin again πŸ˜‰

    Grtz Bennekeben

    • Christer says:

      is it my game or does this mod not use emblems (i.e R730 & V8) on the grille?

  20. Christer says:

    Putting this mod last took away the problem with the Scania T 1.6 (RJL)

  21. Teddy says:

    Does this work on

  22. TodoMundoLocko says:

    Works perfect! The best Sneepel sound mod!

  23. sevquis says:

    This release is just even better. By far the best V8 sound. And really #### close to Ruud’s real Scania V8. Loving every release.

  24. Aleksi Salonen says:

    do i need buy engine is tuning shop?

  25. TodoMundoLocko says:

    Short HD Video test

  26. mangalf says:

    Is there a way to keep the V8 and R badges when I am using your engines?

  27. edward says:

    hi ive just downloaded this mod and i cant find the scs file to put in my mod file, am i looking for the wrong file type of file?
    im using winrar to extract the files if that makes any difference.

  28. WhiiteTiger says:

    to bad it doesnΒ΄t work on 1.19 beta πŸ™
    you think you can fix it?

    • bennekeben says:

      To fix the mod for version 1.19 u need to open the mod with winrar/winzip.
      Open the folling folders in side the mod.

      Inside the truck folder are 2scripts named commen_sound_int_data.sii and commen_sound_ext_data.sii
      Remove/delete both script and then the mod should work ok on 1.19.. go to the site for info…

  29. Toni says:

    Yep.. Not working πŸ™

  30. Will says:

    Please can you update this for 1.19 πŸ˜€
    this is the best sound mod for my scania I have ever used

  31. toni says:

    woohoo it worked.. thx m8 u saved my game. back on the road with scania

  32. Ghost001 says:

    I love this Sound, but it didnΒ΄t work on 1.19
    Any Chance to get an 1.19 Version of this Mod?

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