Better Dashboard for Volvo FH 2012

Better-Dashboard-1 Better-Dashboard-2

– Resettable trip distance.
– Low fuel indicator.
– Liftable axle indicator.
– Damage indicator.
– Slightly redesigned for more realistic look.

All changes based on information from “Volvo trucks driver’s handbook”
Tested on 1.21.2

Author: cvoli


15 thoughts on “Better Dashboard for Volvo FH 2012

  1. Same for DAF E6

  2. This works because something in me does not work?

    1. Yes

  3. Looks very nice indeed!
    Btw, you dont have any chance updating this scania indicator mod to work with the newest RJL scania version?

    1. I will see if it possible, when i have time.

      1. Awesome mate 😉

  4. looks very nice ,could u make it work with eugene’s volvo?

  5. not working with me?

  6. Do not work for me too sir, can you take a little look to see what is the problem?

    I’ll love if you manage to make it work with the ohaha FH2013 v19…

    Ty any way for the mob, i hope you get it fixed fast…

    1. Please send me your game.log file, if it crashes or something. Here’s my email: [email protected]

      I plan to add support of this mod in the future versions.

  7. Alexandre

    Tem algo para daf euro 6, o seu trabalho é excelente, parabéns.

  8. Harald-RS

    Dosen’t working with Interior DLC.

    Can you fixed this please.

  9. the 2nd screenshot looks like the ets2 dashboard app for your mobile phone.

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