BGC Trucking UK Rebuild Beta

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Its been a while since I uploaded my Alpha version of this mod.
I would like to thank everyone that gave me feedback on the mod and support.

BGC_Truckingmod is a UK Rebuilding map is a map focused on Rebuilding and creating a better UK.


New updates.
* New Cities: Redhill
* New Cities: Brighton

Future Updates:

All DLC is needed to run this mod.


Download Link to the map and the Def below, open up the zip file and place the two scs file’s in your mod folder and then activate them.


SCS software, as the manufacturer of the Parent Product, will always hold Copyright across the Works including the Works provided under this Restricted License, except for Artwork and customized Models Including those within this Work, or any Collection including the Work.

BGC_Trucking Team, SCS Software


7 thoughts on “BGC Trucking UK Rebuild Beta

  1. LaurentJap

    I guess it is not compatible 1.36 (and also ProMods)

    1. LaurentJap

      Ok i tested (v1.35), replaces “London” and below.
      Now it’s sure, it’s not compatible ProMods (the map change too London) xD

  2. The map doesn’t work with 1.36 beta.. All the port connections with the mainland are gone…

  3. m usman aslam

    not work 1.35.

  4. BGC_Trucking

    Defiantly issues with the ports so I’ll get that fixed by tonight and I will also fix the issues with it not being no 1.36.

    Sorry for the convenience.

    BGC_Trucking Team

  5. BGC_Trucking

    Everything is Now fixed so I am Posting a Bug fix.

    Again sorry for the convenience.

  6. Hiya, can you please upload the def file for the latest uk rebuild beta. There is only the scs file: 687mb scs, nov 2, 2019. Also what version ets2 will this work on

    Many thanks

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