Big Garage V1.24 (UPDATE)

Big-Garage-2 Big-Garage-1

Tested version 1.24.x
– Compatible with all DLC ( Scandinavia & Going East, Promods )
– Only for Big Garage

– Iveco
– Mercedes
– Renault
– Scania
– Volvo

* Respect the download link *

Authors: HomerS, MDModding, Fred_be


8 Responses to Big Garage V1.24 (UPDATE)

  1. Theosz says:

    what was updated if the files are of 2015 and already exists garages for 1.24?

    ship on promods keep purple? yes

    • gorf says:

      OMG I didn’t have an idea what caused that problem.. I had pink ships and had no idea why.. I started to think that Promods team has lost their minds ahaha

  2. Fred_be says:

    Hello Theoz,
    I tested with Promods but I have not been to the port, I do not know why the boats are purple.
    I’ll see what I can do if it’s still purple

  3. JoachimK says:

    Hello, Fred,
    the Solution is simple.
    You filling up much Graphics with pink Color and little
    red Hearts.
    I think, you must change the Color to grey (…or else). 😉

    • willy1962 says:

      where can I find those pink parts ?
      I have no promods but I use garagemod and have pink ferry`s.

  4. Fred_be says:

    I’ll watch it

  5. JoachimK says:

    Merci, Fred. 🙂

  6. willy1962 says:

    Hey Fred ,
    I take out the kenworth garage and no more purple ferry`s
    in Scandinavia.
    will you please repair the garage mods ?
    Thanks in advance.
    Gr. willy1962

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