Big Garage V1.41 Second Update

sorry my English is not good

Original module link:
This is an informal update
Tested in 1.41.Xs
Has been updated to be compatible with all current map dlcs
Parking AI has been fixed + added
Unnecessary files have been deleted

2021/9/22 update

Fixed the problem of the retroreflective failure of the garage electric door at night
Adjust and add lighting model
Repair and increased lighting
Parking ai adjustment and increase


Respect the original author
Secondary upload is strictly prohibited

HomerS, MDModding, Fred_be, Xiao_Qunlong


6 thoughts on “Big Garage V1.41 Second Update

  1. RheumaKai

    can you make a small garage?!

  2. RockyBalboa12

    habe es versucht zu skinnen mit acargo aber ohne erfolg schild ist rosa

  3. gege11611

    Le téléchargement ne fonctionne pas

  4. zu viel fehler in die console

  5. Richard Barker

    Hi guys great mod but you may want to look at the forklift textures

  6. Richard Barker

    Too many error in the console

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