Bitcoin Skin


Execution: Normal Trailer

Multiplayer: It is not possible

Version 1.41

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Have a good trip 🙂


DOWNLOAD 12 MB [mirror]

5 thoughts on “Bitcoin Skin

  1. AvM Transport

    Wow, great. Another most seached skin!
    Thank you dude! So great & amazing work!

  2. Dear Pedro I understand you, these are the errors of the desire to create the first skins.
    A tip: first of all, don’t use the fantasy of the skins but stay on the real thing (a virtual currency is not easy to carry) or am I wrong?
    second thing with paint of windows you are very limited, you should start using more complete software like Paint net (free) or Photoshop, and practice a lot before sharing.
    If you accept my advice in the future you will not have not very nice comments.

  3. Anonymous

    you’re just spamming those to contaminate search results, right?

  4. ###### trailer mod ever

  5. I think, he did not understand stopping distributing SPAM and WASTE.
    Please stop your useless Garbage !

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