Blue Pack Volvo FH16 2009 (Classic) Combo

The mod includes:

Skin for a trailer and a Volvo.
An additional sideskirt for the scs box and for Volvo.
Lamps with illuminate rims + working lower small lamps. Stop strip for the rear skirt on the roof of truck.
Additional indicator strips in the side deflektors in the truck.
A stop sign on the back of the trailer illuminates as you press the brake.
Several lightboxes and some baners for the cabin (intlight).
Volvo badge for the side window.
Tuning of the upper grill.
Tuning the lower grill.
The trailer sideskirt has one blue LED strip and the other one that signals turning.
Additional new sunshield with glowing LEDs.

Yayami Omate


One thought on “Blue Pack Volvo FH16 2009 (Classic) Combo

  1. Scott Freckle

    This looks absolutely stunning, do you have any plans to do the same for Volvo 2012 versions?

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