BMW 750 Ld V1R40 (1.38)

Fixed sound on 1.38
Removed reverse and air sounds
Restored old sound



14 thoughts on “BMW 750 Ld V1R40 (1.38)

  1. crash

  2. Please, can you make… Fiat Ducato, with the black calander for 1.38 and if is possible a camper to drive… on Fiat ducato for example the camper van in FS17, or another camper in the real life… for example: Etrusco, Laika, Burstner,… thank you so much!!!

    1. Emir Bardakçı

      I will make it, don’t worry. But not in a short time.

      1. thank you so much!!

        Sorry if I asked so many times. I’ve been waiting for someone to create one for years and it’s always been my dream to be able to drive an RV on fiat duchy as in real life. For example, a Laika HAHAHA. Thank you, hello and good work!

      2. If is more simple… can you take a Hymer motorhome in AI Traffic and create a mod for drive it??

  3. Tofaş Şahin Modu Gelsin

  4. Crash

  5. Can you please make BMW X5 E70?

  6. in+which+dealership+is+this+car?

  7. Can you make seat ibiza st?

  8. I doesnt show up in mod truck shop

  9. ben modu indirdim ama mod gözükmüyor aktifleştirdim ama mod bayisinde gözükmüyor nasıl çözebilirim

  10. BMWdriversets2


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