BMW F10 M M-Pakiet BY Diablo Upgrade

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Hello it seems patch to fix his BMW, of course with the consent of the authors themselves can judge how she left I added animations realistic interior and flew model I added more wheels
I invite you to comment and evaluation module
all errors reported to the video I will try to fix them
it is forbidden to edit the model at issue without the permission of the authors
It is forbidden to change the link to modules and video
Have a nice test

changes in this upgrade
Added more engines
was added to select upholstery
added real backlight
Fixed to the motor sound of

Diablo,GRMModding, Klolo901, TruckersMP


22 thoughts on “BMW F10 M M-Pakiet BY Diablo Upgrade

  1. New Link

    1. asphaltrocker

      from no file to no file. great haha

      1. GRMModding

        its problem with your side works fine for me

    2. scaniavabis93

      Hay diablo your mod is great but the breaks are really Bad can you Please make them better? Like in your Audi a8 mod. The break in the Audi mod are very good.

  2. mstfcbngl

    The rims are over the top :/

  3. thank you this is a BEAST 🙂

  4. Dominator

    Make a light for dashboard more bright

  5. how can i extract and how can i use?

  6. how can i use this mod? beacuse it isn’t .scs file

  7. Matrix2000

    mam pytanie czemu mi crashuje gre gdy wchodze do salonu po autto ? musze wszystko wypakować czy tylko wrzucić do mod ?

  8. hey….can you help and let me know…how to install this mod? I copied all files to mod folder but can’t see the car in any car dealer

    1. mstfcbngl

      At the mod folder in zip. sorry my bad english 🙂

  9. mod zip do folder mod as well as scs

  10. Please add right hand drive interior.

    1. mstfcbngl

      thanks man 🙂


  12. hmm+how+to+extract+and+activate+?

  13. Bro please created bmw 530d???

  14. The files can not be replaced, since these were marked with * in the .rar archive. How do I manage?

  15. Why is the car transparent after buying the upgrade? (If i lower the priority of the upgrade it won’t do anything)

  16. The+mod+is+still+working+great+

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