BMW f10

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Hi guys
this is the alpha version of the bmw f10
interior is for skout skoda
credit: amir_dvg & amin king
model by: ai pack by juzzycat
tnx for usuing our mod

Amir_Dvg & amin king


18 thoughts on “BMW f10

  1. PolishDriverTruck

    HD Video Test 1.27…

  2. Devil Trans

    Why u´re drive Cars in a TruckSimulator ??????? u want drive cars then Play Grant Tourismo or what ever u want but not a Trucksimulator

    1. Eurotrucker

      ETS has the best map and simulator environment for a car driving game. Gran Turismo/Forza are racing games, ETS has the most realistic characteristics for a driving game.
      Don’t like it, then don’t use it. But don’t hate it because there is actually a great interest for car mods in this game.

  3. RayenGaming

    great and nice mod 😀 i d’ont care
    Of interiror skoda 😉

  4. RudeTrucker

    It’s a 4 wheeler ####! it is a fat, ugly 4 wheeler!

  5. Does anyone do requests?

  6. RayenGaming

    but this car crash my game :0

    1. why ?
      on which version of game ?
      we’re tested it on 1.26.x & 1.25.x

      1. RayenGaming

        The car crash when I choose some of the improvements but my version of my game its the 1.26.6

  7. PolandModGamer

    Please add real interior…But super model!

  8. Video

  9. Would you add interior and rims in v2 version

    1. yeah
      sure ?

  10. change the interior but its good mod

  11. men where i find the car?

    1. from daf truck dealer

  12. gihong1224


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