BMW i8 2016 1.31 & 1.32

YouTube preview

For sale in Iveco
Own interior
Own sound
Own wheels
Support for DLC Cabin Accessories

Test for 1.32

Adaptation under 1.31, 1.32
Updated chassis
Fixed automatic transmission system



9 Responses to BMW i8 2016 1.31 & 1.32

  1. BigJhon says:

    Stolen mod!

  2. HenriqueSantos says:

    beautiful on the outside, but terrible on all other things, (own sound?) terrible sound!, please do not waste my time

  3. Klaudix99 says:

    Very good but speed is too much i cant control it !!!!!

  4. edsor says:

    Almost a month ago was published, in this same site, a bmw i8 for version 1.32. This looks like a full-fledged plagiarism of that model. But this is a much worse version. The sound is horrible, totally unreal. In addition, Why in the picture above the car appears with the doors open? Does this modcar open and close the doors?

  5. tekii says:

    i cant find it in what city to find??

  6. Black Logistics says:

    Can the real owner of the mode contact me?
    E-mail: [email protected]
    Discord profile: @9977
    Discord Server:

  7. iceman says:

    Can you do a bmw 46 convertible pleas ?

  8. william says:

    nice car and it looks nice

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