BMW M5 E39 V2R10 (1.35)

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Fixed crash on x86 systems

BurakTuna24, trzpro


7 thoughts on “BMW M5 E39 V2R10 (1.35)

  1. Renegade

    ow many times do I have to say that? ATS is a trucking game. It is not a car driving or racing game. Release trucks or Trailers or other thing for truck or trailer. People like you only hurt this game. Go away from here!

    1. I only like to drive cars in this game, i sometimes drive a truck. You can play your trucks, we others play our cars.

    2. Nikola_Donbass

      What impudent and ###### pigs you are !!! Instead of saying thanks to the author, you open your smelly mouth and bark like a mad dog! Sam went out of here, freak!

    3. Castdeath97

      Stop being ridiculous, there is plenty really good truck mods for the game. The game won’t blow up and catch fire because of car mod …

  2. ilhan zorlu TR
  3. The car feeling is completely skewed when changing gears, the car flies just like itself. it bugs, can it be fixed?

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