BMW M5 F10

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Yanlamasına ve egzoz sesine yeni doğan bebeğin bile hasta kaldığı M5 F10 paylaşımda!
Kendi sesi
Gündüz farları
Boyanabilir jantlar
Açılıp kapatılabilen kapı/kaput/bagaj
Iveco galersinide çıkar.
Daha fazla resim için websitemi ziyaret edebilirsiniz.

Own sound
DRL lights (BMW Adaptive Lights)
Paintable rims
Openable doors/hood/trunk
In Iveco dealer
For more pictures, visit my website.

Metehan BİLAL


13 Responses to BMW M5 F10

  1. Moh says:

    Hello, at first glance good work (already because the BMW is complete standalone), but the engine sound (too scratchy), the seat position (too low) as well as the windshield wipers (do not work) please rework! I like the idea with the open doors!

    • Moh says:

      00:08:46.710 : Unable to find wiper bone ‘wyc_lewa_b’, check your definitions!
      00:08:46.710 : Unable to find wiper bone ‘wyc_prawa_b’, check your definitions!
      00:08:46.713 : [baked_model] Too many indices in ‘chassis’ (85514) for material ‘/bmw/m5f10/mat/interior2_s_lod0.mat’
      00:09:07.174 : [dx9] Texture (texture_reflection) not found in material (/bmw/m5f10/mat/stitchg_s_lod0.mat) – requested by (/effect/eut2/_shd/8ec64a803b441a0db07ee07001dff39d.sm3x.fso)
      00:09:22.762 : [dx9] Texture (texture_reflection) not found in material () – requested by (/effect/eut2/_shd/8ec64a803b441a0db07ee07001dff39d.sm3x.fso)
      00:09:45.099 : [dx9] Texture (texture_reflection) not found in material (/bmw/m5f10/mat/stitchg_s_lod0.mat) – requested by (/effect/eut2/_shd/8c2919e3cd347895b2f120529decfa8f.sm3x.fso)
      00:09:45.557 : [dx9] Texture (texture_reflection) not found in material (/bmw/m5f10/mat/stitchg_s_lod0.mat) – requested by (/effect/eut2/_shd/8c2919e3cd347895b2f120529decfa8f.sm3x.fso)

  2. JGaming HD says:

    Hd video 1.33…

  3. Adam11500 says:

    How can you contact you because I have one problem?

  4. edsor says:

    The opening and closing of the doors, the bonnet and the trunk would be perfect if it could be opened and closed in the game. But, what good is it to open or close only inside the dealership? Instead, the car would be much better if it had indicators on the dashboard (intermittents, handbrake, lights, selected gear…), some animations (animated gearbox, handbrake, wipers, start/stop button…), a computer on board or a realistic motor sound.

  5. PolishDriverTruck says:

    HD Video Test 1.33…

  6. Chris2907 says:

    Perfect Model but the car has too big Rims and the Sound is not Real and it Sounds Bad. Pls change Sound and Rims!

  7. tom says:

    Where am I supposed to buy this car in the game?

  8. Bill says:

    I like it for it handles well. Could be improved on with more config options and some cosmetic additions like what has been mentioned before. But overall it is a pleasure to drive for me. Thanks….

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