BMW M5 F10 v 2.0

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Car Color Fixed
All animations are working
The model is covered with ao
Materials taken from a foreign model
The car model belongs to Juzzycat
İnteiror Diablo
editing belong to BurakTuna24
Car goes out at Daf Gallery
1.26, not 1.27
As additional options;
And the wheels are filled with so many options
Inteirorda has many flooring options
You can change Inteirorda to your liking.
-Innovations v2.0
Bugs removed
All the lights are working now
The cabin in the outer part has been fixed
Small details added
Color changing ( Diablo arranged and made )
There is no error except now
It will continue to be updated in future versions
Do Not Edıt Car
Do Not Reupload
Do Not Change Lınk
Good games
Car Model:by juzzyCAT
İnteiror: Diablo
Edit: BurakTuna24

BurakTuna24,Diablo,GRMModding, TruckersMP


15 thoughts on “BMW M5 F10 v 2.0

  1. PolishDriverTruck

    could do it right now is ok.

  2. PolishDriverTruck

    HD Video Test 1.27…

  3. BurakTuna24

    Continually improve this tool diablo 😀

  4. does it still have the windy sound inside the car ?

  5. Mr.GermanTruck

    Test Video…

  6. Nothing corrected :

    – same errors
    – no paintable parts
    – wrong collisions
    – no interior mirror

    Learn how to make a proper mod

    1. BurakTuna24

      Oh really ? You’re so funny, #######

  7. crash 1.27.###

  8. Could you please make a trip computer like in the bmw x6 ??

  9. Great mod 100% perfect in last version ets2 steam!
    Look my test Bmw of Brasil.

  10. SnowRoyal

    Great mod 100% perfect in last version ets2 steam!
    Look my test Bmw of Brasil.

  11. Great mod, but when in install this mode, mod works but when i put in 1st person camera i just see wheel, changer, map, mirors.
    Is this bug with mod or something else.Im using ets 1.26.2s.
    I tried to install earlier versions but the probel is the same.
    Please!!! if some one knows what is the problem please help mee!!!!

  12. good game

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