BMW M5 F10

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Car Color Fixed
All animations are working
The model is covered with ao
Materials taken from a foreign model
The car model belongs to Juzzycat
editing belong to BurakTuna24

Car goes out at Daf Gallery
1.26, not 1.27

As additional options;
And the wheels are filled with so many options
Inteirorda has many flooring options
You can change Inteirorda to your liking.
Good games

Car Model:by juzzyCAT
Full Edit: BurakTuna24



13 thoughts on “BMW M5 F10

  1. PolishDriverTruck

    BurakTuna24 You stole my 2 Fashion and BMW of traffic ai
    I see that only what Can you do is steal zal me you

  2. Mr.GermanTruck

    Test Video…

  3. PolishDriverTruck

    HD Test Video 1.27…

  4. BurakTuna24

    I did not steal anything from anyone , I got the outer case from another M5 , Then I put it on top of the long case bmw m5 , And I thought that this was better, I wanted to share , You do not have the right to criticize me , Please do not make comments like this, add missing name

  5. BurakTuna24

    If I were a thief, I would use better tools

  6. BurakTuna24

    The interior is already another car , You already have the right to make a statement , Interior is yours , Do not tell me thief

  7. BurakTuna24

    İnteiror , Whells , Animed: Diablo
    model by: ai pack by juzzycat
    Full Edit:BurakTuna24

  8. BurakTuna24

    Problem solved?

    1. PolishDriverTruck

      It would be solved how to be asked for consent to the editions and so you did what you wanted you think it’s okey?

      I’m not so bad, I will not this reported but next time ask for permission to editions of his work does not

      1. BurakTuna24

        I do not want trouble , I’m not saying you’re unfair , After all, I brought the car back , New stille , I apologize to you for using without permission , This event Come to the solution , I specified your name

        1. PolishDriverTruck

          see on the other side of what you did here dodales me but others do not frown on the comments, and I already not there

          for by people like you are not already doing mods pity me time lest others a misappropriation of my work

  9. GRMModding

    what you added is a mod with Diablos interior, animations and wheels and from what i see is also used the same def files which were made by me and you didnt ask either me or diablo to use the files, i know defs are mine from the logos in shop

  10. not for 1.26

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