BMW X6 V1.6


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– Add better rims
– Add original BMW Enignes
– Add new chassis

Tested: 1.24x, 1.23x

ETS2Modder, BigTrucker, Fizzzz1774, HD Team


10 thoughts on “BMW X6 V1.6

  1. fregaropa

    Why reupload the X6 50d mod over an over again with the X6M photo ? It always has only one pair of rims , one engine and only one chassis. I don’t get it.

    1. Because its SAMO aka ETS2″Modder” aka Mod stealer. Stolen mods and poor def edits? Its 98% SAMO. Thats why!

      1. fregaropa

        Well said.

  2. Tell compressed file password

  3. Minecrafter

    This is Sleswick-Holsatian Car Called BMW X6

  4. Emre Kanal

    It clicks when you press the brakes and change gears and press the gas

  5. Abderrazaq

    440 MB

  6. Jamaica Irea

    engine sound is not right

  7. file not found

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