Bodex Kis 3 Trailer BY RACING

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standalonetrailer ownership and freight market support
visible in traffic
advanced coupling
trailer cables
liftable axle
accessories included real 3D Europoint II rear lamps
AO textures
tested on ETS 2 1.33, no warnings or errors in log
3 body variants available (different capacity, dimensions and shape)
2 chassis lenght types
Trailers are compatibile with abasstreppas trailer’s lights (3rd picture), Signs on your Trailer mod by tobrago and for some more stuff.



11 thoughts on “Bodex Kis 3 Trailer BY RACING

  1. Mr.GermanTruck

    Test video…

  2. neranjana

    original link

  3. Why was this reuploaded? Use the original link ffs

    1. Because the f u c k i n g Thieves coming now also here without any Control. 🙁

  4. MattCrutu


  5. massive black shadow under the trailer for me rlly hope it can be fixed

  6. *Bug Report*

    When driving a truck with 4×2 chassis sometimes the front grid of the trailer rams in the back of the cabin.

  7. MaiEnglishBed

    Can i get mesh This trailer

  8. Super!

  9. lots of flaws, hard to configure as it always resets…

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