Brazil North Map version 3.0 ETS2 1.35

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Map free with 103 city of Brazil Region north;
Roads dirt and asphalts and rural area ;
more 1000 km with hidden roads in the map;

Tested version 1.35 ETS2

Reinaldo Souza


13 thoughts on “Brazil North Map version 3.0 ETS2 1.35

  1. need DLC ?

    1. Brazil North map


    2. Poxa pessoal vcs podia colocar os mods de maps na steam

    3. 1.36 dı da calışıyormu

  2. The only thing you show in the video is that your truck has a horn.

    1. AfzallPixell

      Here is Map Video Trailer+Gameplay

  3. AfzallPixell

    Brazil North Map Trailer Video+Gameplay

  4. Everytime i try to run this Map, it crashes because of Actros 2009 building errors. I have no Mods except of Scania 143M and Graphics Mod. Delete and reinstall?

    1. Plz add Dlc

  5. cürümcüler tv

    HD Test Video 1.35 :

  6. This mod does not work

  7. Esse mod não funciona nem com downgrade !!

  8. Crash Not working on V 1.35 will all dlc

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