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This Brazil Truck Pack is really a huge mod pack for Euro Truck Simulator 2 (~2GB) with plenty of trucks inside, tuning parts, sounds for trucks and more.
List of trucks:
-Volvo NL12
-Volvo N-10
-Scania Frontai 112
-Scania 4
-Scania 111s
-Ford Cargo 2010
-Ford Cargo 1932
-Ford Cargo 2842
-International 9200
-International 9800
-Mercedes-Benz 1935
-Mercedes-Benz 1938
-Volkswagen Constellation,…

Perfect combo with Brasil Map EAA:

Roberto Restanho, jhonatan Siebel, Filipe Sampaio, tonho Nunes



21 Responses to Brazil Truck Pack

  1. NadoVargas says:

    tem como conseguir algumas carretas originais? tinha aquelas la do EAA quando era pago, tem como adpatar pro 1.15?

    english: can you get some original brazilian trailers? there some of them when EAA map was paid, can you fix them for 1.15?

  2. da says:

    the real question is: does this pack work on 1.15?

  3. alex says:

    all trucks replace or standalone??

  4. Anthony says:

    This mod does look great. However, the associated map mod is glitchy and crashes after leaving Santos if using version 1.15. Not sure if this is the same with earlier game versions.

  5. alejandro says:

    el juego se cierra cuando le das a conducir y a veces cuando personalizas osea no funciona en absoluto

  6. Haderajan says:

    tryed to use the scania 111s but it only crashes al the time

    • Ghostrider2800 says:

      My game crashes too every time i try to take a ride with this truck.

  7. leti7kedil says:

    Great work for for 2842 interior!

  8. leti7kedil says:

    Not work.. Buy 2842 and click drive after error and closed game.. FİX PLEASE!

  9. tamiya-man says:

    nice work,but it dont work on the basic ets2 map,,,,please please fix……..we need more old trucks for ets2

  10. Jens says:

    great work but did you create a standalone scania 111s please old versions dont work on new patches for ETS2

  11. Kvalatadd says:

    I agree.

  12. Vitallix says:

    машинки выбираются, тюнинг настраивается, но когда загружаешься в игровой мир то вылет ((

  13. Александр says:

    не работает не на одном патче.загружает покупаешь авто.загружает и игра вылетает.в чем причина?

  14. Vitallix says:

    Попробовал с Бразильской картой, все заработало, можно кататься

  15. flavien landragin says:

    Can you create a Standalone Scania T 2 séries? please Tkanks.

  16. Diego Ferreira Lima says:

    quando vou a concessionaria comrpar algum caminhao o jogo trava so uso esse mod ta na versao 1.15. e mais o pama eaa oq eu faço
    obg ….

  17. Sumerian_Demon says:

    hi guys.. well this mod didn´t work for me, however i want this intertanional 9800… i was able to buy it at the Renault dealer i think, and i would love to have this version or some of this trucks… do you know where can i get them?.. cheers!

  18. max says:

    my game crash when i start the 111s its my favorite truck HELP PLZZZ
    (sorry bad english)

  19. leandro leocadio teofilo says:

    eu quero muito

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