Freightliner Coronado sounds update


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Hi all, just a little update of the sounds for this nice Freightliner Coronado.
I added my latest Cummins ISX, and Cat C15 engines sounds on it.

Detroit Diesel 60 engine sound is the same as before, but now, it has tires/bearings sounds for more realism.

Once enabled the sound mod, you may have to change the engine in the shop to make the sounds working properly.




31 Responses to Freightliner Coronado sounds update

  1. kosmos says:

    as the plane bomber:)

  2. BahamutX says:

    Another nice sound (Kriechbaum.

  3. YOGI says:

    Please update the DD60. Thankyou.

    • kriechbaum says:


      No, because there’s not enough good sources on internet for the DD 60’s. The current one is nice, and with the tires sound, it sounds more realistic again.

      See you.

      • JA says:

        It is subjective, I guess. When you drive one with nice exhaust you may feel different. You are right though, most Series 60 on internet do not sound good.

        Thanks for replying.

      • YOGI says:

        Ok, kriechbaum.

        Thankyou for explanation.

        @Jess, you are just spoilt with nice trucks though! lol

  4. JA says:

    What is changed in ENGINE folder?

    What is changed in INTERIOR folder (glass.dat, corona.sii etc)?

    • kriechbaum says:

      engine folder : i removed the little bug about C15 engines in the shop, the “r” icon was not appearing properly.

      In the “interior” folder, i changed one value to make more accurate the tachometer. Nothing more except the sounds 🙂

      • JA says:

        Hey, is there a reason you only changed the tachometer for one of the interiors? Does that mean the other one is still inaccurate?

        • kriechbaum says:

          I don’t know to be honest, try the second interior option, in fact nothing changes, only the GPS is available.

          • JA says:

            No, they both have GPS (but one appears “out” already when selecting). The difference is one interior has a movie you can watch on laptop on table in sleeper.

            If you cycle through info screen with “i” key the one with movie has an extra display saying “CINEMA TIMES” and that is when the movie plays.

            I mean you change “animakino.sui” (one with movie) to 3350 but leave “animations.sui” (one without movie) @ 3000 for RPM.

  5. Chickenlights&chrome says:

    Nice sound, good turbo and jake. Thanks

  6. ACAB says:

    Am I the only one to have an issue for to download this Mod via sharemod?

    Usualy it works perfectly 🙁

  7. Rijwan76 says:

    fantastic,, very nice sound friend..

  8. james says:

    If sound could be seen that is gorgeous The trailers great also. Any looking tips. Thanks again.

    • james says:

      Living about 300 feet away from I20 in texas and next to an exit I hear that jake sound at least once an hour all day long. Sound is the real vision of the simulation that make it so captivating. job well done

  9. skiner says:

    Awesome dude. Many, many thanks.

  10. Dan says:

    Very well done as always this would be my favourite if you guys finish this WIP Kenworth K200

    • Penny says:

      Don’t hold your breath on that K200. It’s taken them months just to model the dash and it’s hugely inaccurate.

      They are okay at converting but not very good modelers and since they are building the interior themselves this time it will not only take a long time but not look as good as all their other trucks which they didn’t have to model.

  11. GSP says:

    You make great mods that much better 😉

    Please consider adding your sounds to the Volvo 660 here:

  12. Haruka says:

    Always use ur sound mod in scania and this is great sound too, good job 🙂

    • Haruka says:

      i keep looking forward for your sound mod, btw can you make sound mod for volvo, really miss your sound in volvo because the old one keep crash if i use lift axel

  13. Volidas says:

    Good job again,
    jake sounds realy nice…

  14. Nudless says:

    На видео какой мотор “звучит”? Перебрал много моторов, но такого звука у меня нет 🙁

    • kriechbaum says:

      Buy another engine in a shop.

      • Nudless says:

        Все типы моторов покупал.
        Скажите какой мотор на видео и я буду спокоен, что у меня кривые руки :)))

  15. gaiz says:

    Great great great, sound very well and I believe you can do the same to these default trucks. Job well done. Keep up man

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