Brazilian Trailers Pack – V1.9.6

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Refrigerated and Dry Freight trailer (RANDON)

– 194 Paintings of real Brazilian companies in the refrigerated trailer
– 152 Paintings of real Brazilian companies in the dry freight trailer
– 4 Accessory options (Side protectors and spare tire)
– 2 Tail lights options

Car Transporter (DAMBROZ)

– 12 Variations in positions and colors of loaded vehicles
– 6 Color options
– 2 Tail lights options
– 2 Types of vehicles to load
– 2 Accessory options (Siderail and spare tire)

Flatbed (GUERRA)

– 3 Body options (with tarps, without tarps and without side covers)
– 2 Tail lights options
– 1 Accessory option (spare tire)


1.46 Compatibility
40 New paintings in the refrigerated trailer
15 Paints fixed on the refrigerated and dry freighter trailer
Improved 3D traffic model for refrigerated and dry freighter trailer

– Car Transporter Dambroz

New Textures
New painting support
New accessory (Siderail and spare tire)
3D fixes and improvements

– Flatbed Guerra

New ambient occlusion of lids
Fixes to tarpaulin paintings
3D fixes and improvements
Correction in the custom painting of the covers
Fixing the lashing strap

– Dry Freighter and Refrigerated Randon

Corrections paintings
Thermo king shadow correction


LPMods ft. Marivaldo Tadeu


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