BUP full editable skin


Skin by: Martin Aircraft
NOTE2: Work in 1.8.X, Tested in

Martin Aircraft


6 Responses to BUP full editable skin

  1. tchaby says:

    thx!But realy 48k this paint???why?

  2. Pat6234 says:

    I would download it if you made the price lower…

    • Theosz says:

      @Tchaby @Pat6234

      If I can, in my experience, do not use Cheat Engine to ETS2 due you get easy money through the program, do not need to hire drivers, do not need worry about the cost of the trip, you drive for driving without a motive, without a goal be overcome, does not care to overcome the traffic at a red light, do not worry when it hits the truck … lose interest and motivation. This know others gamers who think like me… and otherwise too, ūüôā

      Maybe only worth to use if you have already completed the game and have no more goals to complete.

      Download the ETS2 Studio, modify the value of the skin, I think is better and easiest. Searh in SCS forum how to use.

      I prefer real values ‚Äč‚Äčlike this than just $1.00.

  3. ur says:

    do you have link wheel its awesome

  4. Alex says:

    You are retarded if you care about the price; just use cheat engine to give yourself an extra 48k…I see customizing trucks as 100% fun, so when it comes to aesthetics I just take note of my cash before the tuning and then after the tuning i put it back to that amount, or if I’m low on cash just give myself a million and then take it down to what it was after tuning. Great skin, thanks!

  5. Kalash156 says:

    That skin looks amazing, great job!

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