Bus Terminal v1.36

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Passenger Mod for Bus and Minibus.

Select suited ghost trailer for your vehicle and ready to go.

Compitable for original SCS map. You can also activate terminals with using addons for official map DLC’s.

You can watch the video on my YouTube channel to get the idea.

Replaces all the bus stops and terminals as Bus Company. You can always find a job.

Use Cargo Market for taking jobs.

Sound ambient added for all terminals.

10 different ghost trailer ready in trailer dealer for different buses.

Try different trailers for another buses.

Compatible for: [normal]1.36

Author: deTbiT
Please visit for more mods:ods, you can donate to keep my motivation up.
ByNoGame: http://www.bynogame.com/destekle/deTbiT

YouTube: www.youtube.com/deTbiT
Contact: [email protected]

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⬇️ Bus Terminal 1.36 – Base

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30 thoughts on “Bus Terminal v1.36

    1. You missed the base mod!

  1. Mr.GermanTruck

    Test video…

  2. can i use this on promods ?

    1. No, it’s not support promods.

      1. That’s a pity!

  3. chriscarva14

    After installing this mod, the load and unload time clock goes crazy after each transport, taking about 3 days each time! my favorite mod but that might need some check

    1. I’m waiting at the first loading screen when I’m just open the profile. After that, there is no waiting. May your other mods cause it. I don’t know.

      1. chriscarva14

        Sorry detbit, what I meant is, the in game time that is spent to “load” the passengers into the bus, and then “unload” the passengers is about 3 days, for example, Started to load passengers in wednesday at 4pm, and finished at sunday at 7pm. however , I will try dowloading all your mods again and reinstalling them.

        and I don’t use any mods beside your bus stations, so i will let you know if refreshing all the files helps,

        thank you!

      2. chriscarva14

        After replacing all the files, it still happens, so no idea what’s up

        1. Yes, it’s my fault. Sorry about that. I’m fixing it and will release in today.

  4. Hello
    Can you tell me which bus with which trailer works with version 1.36. I have a lot of difficulty positioning myself to pick up or unload passengers, even if it is well positioned it does not work, you have to find a very precise point, sometimes completely outside the target.
    Thank you

    1. There is 10 different trailer so you have to try it. There are lots of bus mods so I can’t know which one is for which bus. But if a bus doesn’t fit for any trailer then this bus must be fixed for this mod.

  5. Jimmy Kyriakou

    Is the game called euro truck or euro bus-truck simulator?? Because there is a game that it’s called bus driving simulator and you drive buses if you don’t know it.

    1. This is the game you can mod everything you want. You are able to NOT download and use this kind of mods if you don’t know it.

      1. i know this is oftopic but please update the toyota hilux mod for us 1.36 and 1.37…wonderful mod

    2. Para empezar, si no sabes valorar el trabajo de aquellos creadores de mods que se esfuerzan cada día para que gente como yo use sus modificaciones en el juego, es mejor que te vayas a jugar a otro juego y no vuelvas a hablar de este tema, ya que cada palabra que has escrito en tu mensaje es ofensiva al no valorar el trabajo de los creadores de mods. Y segundo, si no te parece bien que haya modificaciones en un juego puedes irte a otros juegos como Fortnite que ahí precisamente no hay mods que seguro que te lo pasas muchísimo mejor que desprestigiando el trabajo y esfuerzo de los creadores

  6. PolishDriverTruck

    Video Test 1.36…

  7. MohSkinner

    Hi deTbiT how are you bro

    thank you for this mod

    Is it possible to be upgraded this bus Scania Touring 1.35 to 1.36

    And Thanks

  8. jayontheway228

    Обзор Bus Station (мода автобусных перевозок) и Marcopolo G7 1800Dd V2.0 для Euro truck Simulator 2



  10. thanks for the mod
    can i use this mod with every bus mod?
    can i use this mod with promods??

  11. Philip Heine

    Hallo bitte um hilfe ich kriege nur ein bis rein in ets2 und die anderen mag er nicht

  12. Bonjour, dès que je lance pour conduire le car avec ma mission déjà choisi, le jeu plante.
    J’utilise un Mercedes benz tourismo 16 de 2018 avec la remorque type D avec le bus terminal 1.36 et bus terminal 1.36 vive la France.

    1. Avec un bus *

  13. Sorry… I can’t use the bus terminal mod … is the solution? thank you

  14. Can it work on map puno peru?

  15. make bus terminal for ets2 v1.37

    1. make bus terminal for ets2 v1.38

  16. Cocolos Alexandru Iulian

    thanks soo uch man you are the best 🙂

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