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Animated gates for all garages.
Updated on January 7, 2017

– Added sound. For large garages base map:
– Open all the doors of the garage.
– Adds a parked truck (with trailer) in the garage bays.
– Adds animated gates at the entrance to the garage area.

Test versions 1.26.х –

A warning:
Mod replaces all garages, including the DLC Scandinavia and France!

Entry and exit from the garage, carried out until the entrance gates are fully open (stops flashing beacon).

Author: ohaha


5 Responses to Can Opener – Animated gate

  1. zoso says:

    Ciao, thanks Ohaha for this mod
    and thanks also to the update
    daf 1.72
    volvo 17.0

  2. Fred_be says:

    This is not the good download link yet one that upload the mods.

  3. SmellyCat says:

    The link are from VLADIMIR1203.
    a knowed MODS THIEF!

  4. zoso says:

    I paid no attention to the link when I downloaded
    This ?#######? got me?
    thanks for the warning Fred_be and SmellyCat
    but the original author is Ohaha?

    • LoVVered says:

      Yes, I think. Because this mod updated on google drive from Adrian TD (ohaha)

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