Can Opener – Animated gate


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Animated gates for all garages.
Updated on January 7, 2017

– Added sound. For large garages base map:
– Open all the doors of the garage.
– Adds a parked truck (with trailer) in the garage bays.
– Adds animated gates at the entrance to the garage area.

Test versions 1.26.х –

A warning:
Mod replaces all garages, including the DLC Scandinavia and France!

Entry and exit from the garage, carried out until the entrance gates are fully open (stops flashing beacon).

Author: ohaha


5 thoughts on “Can Opener – Animated gate

  1. Ciao, thanks Ohaha for this mod
    and thanks also to the update
    daf 1.72
    volvo 17.0

  2. This is not the good download link yet one that upload the mods.

  3. SmellyCat

    The link are from VLADIMIR1203.
    a knowed MODS THIEF!

  4. I paid no attention to the link when I downloaded
    This ?#######? got me?
    thanks for the warning Fred_be and SmellyCat
    but the original author is Ohaha?

    1. Yes, I think. Because this mod updated on google drive from Adrian TD (ohaha)

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