ETS2 Truck Skins

Do you want to drive a unique truck? With these ETS2 truck skins easily improve truck appearance. Just pick the skin from this category and you will make your truck very stylish and unique. Here you will find a lot of skins: abstract style, branded (realistic), repaintable, metallic color, artistic and much more.

Spedition Brucker skin pack (v1.3)

(If you see this on any other site than ets2 lt, it is reuploadet)

!!!Do not reupload!!!

This skinpack adds paintjobs of the German company “Spedition-Brucker”
Includes paintjob for: MB Actros MP4 (Schumi, Alex, SCS) (BigSpace)
MAN TGX Euro 6 (SCS) (xlx & xxl)
(1.1) MAN TGX Euro 6 (Madster) (xlx & xxl)
(1.2) Bugfix for TGX E6 (SCS) (xlx & xxl)

UPDATE 1.3: Added a new paintjob for the MAN TGX Euro 5 (xlx & xxl) by
Madster with the old Paintjob design of the company.

PLANS: Next update will come on friday or saturday, there i will fix some small detals on the front of the new skin because now the template is not properly lined up. My next project will be the daf.

Adding skin for Daf XF 105
Adding skin for curtainsiders from SCS, curtainsiders SCS (Krone)
and Krone Megaliner by Sogard3.

And maybe i will make a skinpack for Spedition-Fischer.
For any whishes, (for other skinpacks or improvements) write a

ESG (Emil Schulz)


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