Caterpillar C15 sound mod for the K100 V2.4


Cat C15 engine sound for the Kenworth K100 V2.4

Truck made by :
Ivan, Ols, Stas556, dmitry68, Oleg_Conte, darklorrd, laza-LKW,

It’s the entire truck, all in one (truck + sound).




19 thoughts on “Caterpillar C15 sound mod for the K100 V2.4

  1. Nice job dude. Thank you. And of course, the authors.

  2. too loud for me turbo acceleration…….

  3. kriechbaum

    Yes, i know these engines got 2 turbos, so the whistle is loud

    1. sry idon’t know this truck with 2 turbo.thx this mod!

  4. Kriechbaum, is it possible to add a little more farty sound on 1500rpm-int-mono.ogg? 🙂 You know what I mean? Check this out…

  5. ETS_Cobra

    Kriechbaum you are the man, it sounds great thank you once again for the fine work.

  6. ThisGuy84

    HELP ME!!!!! Everything works in this mod but the sound i never had any problem with his sound mods I sold the truck an bought it again i even drop off a load with it, what should i do!?

    1. ThisGuy84

      Never mind not sure what i did or what happen either it works an i’m so happy now keep up the great work dude for real your the MAN.

  7. Kalash156

    Sounds great. Too bad the truck has all that completely unnecessary #### inside of it, otherwise it would be a very nice truck.

  8. Even with no other truck mod on.. my game just crashes with this mod.

    1. Never mind just had to zzz it a lot.

  9. ThePlayer

    Great truck, but please somebody tell me how can i remove this ugly hands on the wheel.

  10. what truck does it replace?

  11. Delta_880

    I have two things to say ’bout this… first one, can you please remove the bloke in the passenger seat… second one, can you make the wheels in a seperate scs file

  12. it dont work on mine. why is that?

  13. can you make a 750hp or 800hp engine for the k100 please I have tried but it doesn’t show up in the store



  15. MrBiskuit

    where to buy this truck?

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