Cement Mixer Hungarocamion Skin

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Cement mixer ,found in cargo market . All credits goes to Chris45 ,losevo58 I just put some paint on it ,to go with Hungarocamion skin,and to be more visible that its turning.

SCS, Chris45, losevo58, ….paint Grave


3 thoughts on “Cement Mixer Hungarocamion Skin

  1. sarah1224

    Hi Grave, can you repair that skin please, please?


    and can you add more skins for DAF 3600 please? Just without that rust please. I love your skins .


    1. Dear Sarah,
      I looked at that skin and its protected with password …so if I wont to help I would have to make brand new one. Problem is ,templates for this truck are not ..hmmm accurate ,so skins like this are tricky as hell to make ,and this one is really good and has to many lines you have to put on wright spot . I can try ,but I can already say it wont be as good as original. And to be totally honest ,I dont know how to make that metallic look . Lets see what will happen,if you are not satisfied ….dont use it ..at least we tryed .

      1. sarah1224

        Thank you Grave.

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