Ceva Cistern v 1.1

1. Tested 1.33.x
2. Owned Trailer
3. Animation brace
4. Advanced coupling
5. Standalone
6. Animation cables
7. 2 CEVA Skins (White/Black) + 16 skins
8. Compatible with ProMods, RusMap, SibirMap et al.

vlad1590, MDModding


15 thoughts on “Ceva Cistern v 1.1

  1. truckfan76

    Nice but not lights and turns

    1. You`ll see this in future update

  2. truckfan76

    No lights and not indicator

  3. So… Did you reupload the entire mod because of the skins?

    1. LOL… This is the first time I’ve uploaded this mod to this site.

      1. Don’t make a fool out of yourself man, you know what I’m talking about, This is a reupload of menci cisterns by MDmoding but with some new skins, this is not how skin packs works.

        1. You’re right. MDModing is listed as the author of the texture model of this trailer. I made this trailer better. You have to understand that, and I will continue to work on this project. I suggest we end this conversation.

          1. What did you do with it besides the skins? I really can’t tell.

        2. I added companies for other maps, skins, changed brand, changed loads. I advise you to download the mod and see the game. There will be no more answers.

          1. Oh i downloaded to check, I wouldnt be talking if I didn’t. Don’t get me wrong, the skins are nice, but the things you did could have been a good addon, but they are no reason to reupload the whole trailer. But anyway the menci trailer is probably abandoned now, and this mod comunity is f****d anyway. No point to argue about it. You did a nice work on the skins at least.

  4. tunning6000

    amazing job

  5. Usually incorrect system, it was very easy to create only the skins, and not to reload the trailer.
    MDModding does not allow you to reload the trailer.

  6. Dorain Doru

    Work on 1.32 ?

  7. Sheesh what a bunch of b/tchy whiny “keyboard lawyers” you see hovering around the comments of these mod sites.

    BTW, rear lights are there and working but only if you use the default chassis. If you configure a different chassis you end up with a plain bumper. Hope a future update corrects this.

  8. Correction — rear lights work in 1.3 on all chassis — I didn’t realize there’s an element selector on the bumper, that allows the full array to be reinstalled (at the bottom of the list of lights).

    PS, I realize now I’m commenting on the wrong version, don’t keyboard-lawyer me.

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