Christian Hoefnagels Int. Transport – Trailer mod


Transport is a Dutch company, with 15 trucks, 25 trailers & 2 LZV (25 meters)
This company transports every day soda like Cola, Water, Cassis from
Refresco Benelux. – TimSeerdenCreations

Author: TimSeerdenCreations


9 Responses to Christian Hoefnagels Int. Transport – Trailer mod

  1. AnDyWoL says:

    Where I get that loading bay from

  2. anon says:

    Just a tip, you can knock over 100mb off the file size by putting the .scs file in a .zip before you upload it. Nice wor kon the skin though.

    • TimSeerdenCreations says:

      Hey Anon,

      My mod replaces more than one trailer, thats the reason of the size…

      • anon says:

        My point is more that you can compress the file – I know it has multiple skins in (I’m actually using it). Compression saves you time uploading it, and others’ time downloading. Just a friendly suggestion though!

  3. TomaSis says:

    and you could tell us what trailer you’r replacing

    • TimSeerdenCreations says:

      Hey SomaSis,

      It replaces more ets2 companys:




  4. john says:

    yeah the only thing now is , hoefnagels is bankruped now, but i have to say the trucks are really alike, i dint see the mod yet but is there also a lzv in the mod?

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