Combining maps Mapa Brasil Total V5.1 + EAA V3.2


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Combining maps Mapa Brasil Total V5.1 + EAA V3.2

Mod combines maps Mapa Brasil Total V5.1 and EAA V3.2

Game Version 1.22!

Author: EAA team. combining voldemar56.


10 thoughts on “Combining maps Mapa Brasil Total V5.1 + EAA V3.2

  1. Working without EAA ? 😉

    1. Yeah sure! perfect 🙂

  2. José Lauro

    That’s ridiculous, is out of reality, note that there are some cities with the same name in the maps, I’m from Brazil and I know what I’m talking, you can see yourself what I’m talking about.

  3. Brazilian

    What ? Nice effort, but the geography in this map is all wrong. Rio de Janeiro State doesn’t border Argentina. Why in the seven hells there’s duplicate brazilian cities ? Wouldn’t just be way more easy add cities from RBR that aren’t on the EAA map ? Also, it’s kinda disrespectful since no one gets European and North American maps wrong, but hey, #### South America because we’re underdeveloped amirite ? Come on guys.

  4. TodoMundoLocko

    Probably he just join two maps. But the result is pretty bad. Go to google maps and you will see: Brazil and Argentina on south. This guy made: Brazil, Argentina ( on south) and Brazil again ( on south of Argentina). Its the same you change France with Portugal. So, France, Spain and France again. Don’t download it… its not a nice work. Just a way to make couple cents.

  5. HenriqueSantos

    This is all very sad
    It really had to be a Brazilian to do #### like this.
    I prefer a thousand times the aggregate Promods map to EAA and certainly the result will be much better.

  6. Celio Roberto

    Bizarre and ridiculous! This is not a maps combination, but a mere amendment. Totally out of reality! No sense! Unreal geography! It would be the same thing that combine RusMap with Eastern Express, but with one of the Russian maps in the west, near France. Do not waste your time downloading this map! Disappointment guaranteed!

  7. Hola una pregunta, ni he descargado aún el juego, sirve para la versión 1.23



  9. marco tulio vargas

    hola saludos

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