Combo Pack Srbija [Serbia]

Combo pack Srbija [Serbia]

Scania RJL Topline + Schmitz Trailer

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Enjoy !



7 thoughts on “Combo Pack Srbija [Serbia]

  1. Taqif.SHA

    Don’t install this mod, it ruins your game through changing some of the base files. On top of that, it includes malware in the package. I really don’t recommend this mod.

  2. Malware? Changing base file? lol hahaha

    Last night i download this mod and work perfect !!

    No malware, just 2 scs file (skin for truck and trailer), and 3 pictures !!

    Shame on Taqif.SHA !

    Taj mora da je neki Sipac

    1. FloppySRB

      Hvala brate 🙂

  3. Taqif.SHA stop dowloading #### you dumbass…thats were you propable got it.

    FloppySRB awesome mod bro…thanks for sharing.

  4. brate+bravoo.+prikolica+odmah+dosla+u+ets+ali+skin+za+kamion+nije;/+nema+ga+kod+scanie.+gde+mogu+da+kupim+taj+kamion

  5. brate bravoo. prikolica odmah dosla u ets ali skin za kamion nije;/ nema ga kod scanie. gde mogu da kupim taj kamion

  6. Brate+kod+mene+nema+sa

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