Complete Winter Mod v3.1

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My next version of winter mod. Mod added many things from real winter like snow bars, snowed road, vegetation and small things like christmas tree, christmas lights, snowmans, snow plows. Just all what you need in winter mod. Mod is splitted to few parts so all can find perfect version to use (more in readme files). Mod will be works with all maps and DLC. Tested and working in v1.30.
Changes in v3.1
– Improved mod for 1.30 patch
– Fixed errors and warnings


DOWNLOAD 316 MB [mirror]

39 Responses to Complete Winter Mod v3.1

  1. R2k says:


  2. tunning6000 says:

    good job,thanks

  3. Topolino says:

    Nice mod, thank you!!!

  4. FoxOnTheBox says:

    Fantastic work, It looks amazing. Perfect for christmas trucking! 😉

    I’ve made a little video / trailer showing the mod – I hope you like it.

  5. Mr.GermanTruck says:

    Test Video…

  6. roodrigoo3488 says:

    crahs ;(

  7. June says:

    Immediate CTD when used with v1.28.

    I thought it may crash with only v1.30 compatibility, but figured I’d mention it here — knowing many out there aren’t updating ETS2 until 1.30 is out of beta and more mods are compatible with it.

  8. J says:

    Very good mod works perfect.

  9. MehdiAnti says:

    Yeah, Good Job, Thanks ??

  10. Michu says:

    Ku Wa satan serio jak mogles tak zje ac na 1.28 nie ma a tam wszystko promodsa mam polanda i nie chce przechodzic na 1.30 nie pomyslales o takich graczach taki dobry mod …

  11. Driverstein says:

    Video with this amazing mod:

  12. NoRBIII says:

    Cool Mod! 🙂

  13. David says:

    Cool mod, but for me doesn’t work in 1.30 Steam version.

    • Driverstein says:

      for me works perfectly on Steam game version 1.30 Open Beta!
      Be sure to have activated the Basic Winter .scs mod and then one of the other two!

      • Blastixe says:

        I just did this way. I selected “Base” and “More Snow” Mods, selected as last priority putting “Base” first, but roads don’t have snow and even lines disappeared.

  14. Kmd says:

    working on 1.28?

  15. Manfred says:

    Very good!
    Everything in the quarry is messed up, textures, vehicles in the air, etc.

  16. Joe says:

    U mnie odśnieżarki jeżdżą z naczepami – trochę to dziwnie wygląda.

  17. KungLaoHD says:

    Hello. What e perfectly MOD. Verry Verry nice and best for ETS2 v1.30x

  18. laslie says:

    zero game physics and visual effect

  19. Luki35 says:

    Czy jest też na wersje jeszcze 1.28 mod i jak usunac snieg na drodze by nie bylo slisko

  20. Snow says:

    będzie działał na multi czy nie przewidujesz takiej opcji?

  21. chimera_254 says:

    is it just me or are the snowplows are towing trailers

  22. KungLaoHD says:

    Hello. When using this nice Winter Tool MOD then all lights of the traffic lights are red or green. pls fix this!

  23. Jesper says:

    Well it worked but now the “More Snow” options doesn’t work for me anymore, I tried to increase the load priority but still no luck D:

  24. wheels27 says:

    I played the game using the mod for a few hours but once I got to a specific spot outside of Poznan I started crashing.

  25. jens says:

    Du Otto, warum machst du da überall +, Alter? Hast du überhaupt eine Mutter oder ist sie mit deiner Ehre ins Frauenhaus geflüchtet?

  26. Bruno Sartori says:

    Does this mod work on promods?

  27. Dragon says:

    je suis très déçu car niveau extrême je pensé que ça serai a merde sur a route ! alors que e faite i n’y a rien du tout.
    un peu de neige sur a route même pas sur le paysage c chelou sinon aucun camion de déneigement puis quand la neige tombe elle ne tien pas du tout bref coter extrême c et une catastrophe.

  28. Domink says:

    Is it compatible with ProMods ?

  29. yohann says:

    cet impressionnant qu’il y à bcp de grosse merde chez les moddeurs incompétent vraiment y à aucun mods qui fonctionne comme dans leurs merde de vidéo . soit il plante le jeu soit c de la grosse merde.

    putain même pas foutu de savoir crée un mods hiver

  30. Arthur Vince says:

    Awesome mod, thank you…. (Yep, works with the last version of Promods (2.25)

  31. pikaJoey says:

    It crashed when I took ferry from umea (Sweden) to corresponding port in Finland. Also, the snow seems to be on and off in several road, notably in Autobahn. Some Sections are covered with snow while others are not.

  32. ronaldo_432 says:


  33. steffenden2015 says:

    Thats awesome mod you made i love it, i was thinking about well you make one for ATS too?

  34. SADF says:


  35. Ets TRUCKER says:

    is it work on 1.28 version ??

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