Containers Pack Project v16.0

Version 16.0:
– Added a new 20ft HC container with 10 skins
– Replaced the 20ft SC & 2x20ft SC with a brand new model and 20 new skins
– Added 2x20ft HC/SC mixed combos
– Updated file structure and mats for 1.48
– Updated the mod for DLC dependencies (one file no matter if you own the Krone DLC or not)
– Updated the cargo descriptions for easier search (use “SC” or “HC” in the search bar for easy distinction)
– Updated the traffic with the new and replaced containers
– Updated the AI Train Add-on (Thanks Krys, as always)
– Added compatibility with West Balkans DLC companies
– Added compatibility with upcoming Tirsan DLC trailers
– Removed obsolete files

Mod manager:
Arnooks SCS Container Skinpack – VAK 45 addon (optional)
VAK Trailer files (trailer + VAK container V-Slider to Krone DLC addon by Kast – optional)
Arnooks Container Pack – Train Add-On (optional)
Arnooks Container Pack V16
Schmitz S.CF container chassis (optional)



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