Cummins ISX Sound Mod v 2.0 for Peterbilt 379 & T800


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Version 2.0 of the Cummins ISX engine sound is ready.
It works for Pet 379 & Kenworth T800. Later i ll do it for Coronado and others if needed.

Author: Kriechbaum


29 thoughts on “Cummins ISX Sound Mod v 2.0 for Peterbilt 379 & T800

    1. Kush Cociane

      very nice, cant wait to use. I know its a old truck but could you do or have you done a sound mod for the kenworth 900arc?

  1. Veeeeeeeeery Good !!! nice work Kriech…!!!

    1. kriechbaum

      Thanks friend !

  2. simaozinho

    nice sound pack thx

  3. isbrandt95

    perfect :3 . really good, gj

  4. This is just what the T800 needed now i can have the rumble that she has in real life, thankyou for this and the T800 truck model.

  5. Please link trailer

  6. Very estrange at first than original but where this mod shines is at descending revs with long gears without acceleration or hitting gas at low revs with long gears too. Hear that sound man!
    Here my HD video.
    PD: Kriechbaum please take care with the sound of Coronado, it has the best sound of the game for now. Im a fan of both trucks.

  7. Great sound!

  8. Thank you so much! We look forward to Coronado!

  9. Gorkal1ty

    I´m quite sure it wont take long for you to become the best sound modder in ATS, we will need you ; )

  10. kriechbaum

    Thank you all, happy you like it 🙂

    1. link truck that goes with this mod please

  11. Very good, very good bro ^_^

  12. link truck that goes with this mod please

  13. link truck that goes with this mod please? (sorry FRENCH)

      1. ok thank you . it is and what concessions I not found? (Man – scania – daf)?? :S

  14. can you make it for the peterbilt 389 exhd as well???

    1. kriechbaum

      Yes for Pet 389.

      1. cool cant wait for it 😀 love the sound

  15. holy #### that is good!!!

  16. Great!
    What is the graphic mod?

  17. Can I get a link to that trailer bro?

    1. kriechbaum

      Trailer :

      Graphics mod is : Improved weather 5.5.4 and Fael environment.

  18. Thomas Parham

    KRIECHBAUM , your sound mods bring The trucks alive especially for us who are around them everyday and knows exactly what they sound like in person. Please !!!!! Keep up the good work. P.S is it possible for you to make a peterbilt 379 Flat top. I appreciate your work greatly

  19. Wanderer1972

    u the man KRIECHBAUM i drive for a living and this sounds real good can u do a kenworth w900 with a American flat bed trailer please kind person

  20. i need this truck mod which you can see in youtube link; please i need this truck mod for ets2 please KRIECHBAUM

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