Custom Metallic Skin for Scania S by SCS

This mod is fully adapted to version 1.32 and works only on a normal cabin. He paints metallic edges, paint lines … and the rest will see for yourself!
P.S. I believe that it is unique.
Soon a version for a highline cabin is expected.



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4 thoughts on “Custom Metallic Skin for Scania S by SCS

  1. hi friendbredovich very nice skin i have a question where do you find the roofrack and lightbox for Scania S ?

    1. friendbredovich

      The first picture was presented just for comparison and the two lower ones from the game.

  2. Magnus Adolfsson

    wonderful skin 🙂 and just a question, could you make same skin with change of colors on 1. cabin,2. red, 3. Purple, and 4th to change on chassie, so ppl can put together what ever they want

  3. magnus adolfsson

    please send me a message, i guess you are the right person to help me with a skin for my special truck. best regards. Magnus.

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