D.B Creation’s “AI Traffic Mods”

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We The D.B Creation Dev Team Germany present you our mods, which we have been working on for years. We would be happy if you visited us on our homepage.
There you can download our mods, chat with us or contact us directly via Discord.

Upgrade your Euro Truck Simulator 2 to a new level with our mods.
We offer:

– Real traffic volume based on European roads with 3 different traffic volumes.
– Rush hour at some hours.
– Improved AI behavior
– More than 180 different SCS traffic trailers,
– Over 120 different SCS traffic vehicles with real paintwork, weights, torque, maximum speed & real engine sounds,
– All vehicles drive on the streets including articulated buses, Tesla S, Jaguar XF, Lamborghini and more.
– Real train lengths of the countries accordingly
– Real license plates for the traffic vehicles,
– Real textures for all SCS vehicles in traffic,
– Real weather events.
– Xenon headlights for SCS player trucks
– And many more beautiful things await you on our homepage.

So, what are you waiting for ?

[*** D.B Creation Dev Team Germany ***]
[CEO/Founder] Dustin Banduch
[Admin] JohnBoy
[Programming Lead] Kai Tanner
[Beta Tester] Ansgar Landmann
[Beta Tester] Mr. Daniel T.

E-Mail Support: [email protected]

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SCS Software S.R.O

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[Information] The download link takes you to our homepage

D.B Creation Dev Team Germany


21 thoughts on “D.B Creation’s “AI Traffic Mods”

  1. yeah, good luck with you paid mods…

    1. There is a free version, but less complete of the mod …. Must look before speaking !!

      1. D_B_Creation

        Thank you mjj08 and yes we offer both.

    2. D_B_Creation

      Thank you very much, we already have. With such a large fan community we are very lucky.

  2. is it working with Promods ?

    1. D_B_Creation

      Yes all our Mods are ProMods, RusMap and NaturaLux compatible.
      All Mods are Standalone Mods.

  3. Was ist den der Unterschied zwischen Pay Mod und Free Mod

    1. D_B_Creation

      Der Unterschied ist das man mit den Pay Mod alle unsere Mods (kommt auf das Paket an) auf einmal bekommt per Direkt Download von unseren Server. Zudem unterstützen Sie unser Projekt enorm mit der Spende.

      Und die kostenlose Varriante dauert ein wenig länger zum downloaden, da Sie jeden Mod einzelnd downloaden und ein Werbe Video anschauen müssen bevor Sie die Datei downloaden können.

      Egal für welche Variante Sie sich entscheiden, Sie unterstützen uns mit beiden sehr.

      1. Ok Danke

  4. Sumerian Demon


    1. D_B_Creation

      Yes some of our Mods affect the FPS cause of new Textures and so on. We dont know your PC Specs, so you must test our Mods.

  5. Is it compatible with Jazzucat and TrafficManiac Mods? or is it a stand alone mode?

    1. D_B_Creation

      Yes all our Mods are Standalone Mods and compatible with any Traffic Packs.

  6. Dauert+viel+zu+lange+:(

    1. D_B_Creation

      Das tut uns leid zuhören.
      Wir hoffen trotzdem, dass Ihnen das nicht zu sehr stört und wünschen weiterhin eine gute Fahrt.

  7. Total BS…

    Create something from your foundation, invent it, build it and then ask for payment.
    What kind of authors are you, in particular, using the entire base of the game created by SСS?
    The i-net is full of all the tweets, upgrades, optimizations and similar “settings” of game files, so why did you decide that you or anyone else could “try to make money” from someone else’s work … ?
    None of the most famous modders ever asked for money anywhere for their awesome mods. And we all know who they are.
    Such as you who are ridiculous “trading this way” are using the mods themselves, or some other misguided toddler to whom Mom and Dad please him …

    So … Good luck. Yes but no. Never!

    1. D_B_Creation

      Hello Vinni, we respect your opinion and understand it too. But it is up to you whether you donate something or not.
      In addition, we do not force fans to buy, we only offer it. Of course you can also download our mods for free from the homepage. Some fans are happy if you can donate something to the modders and support them with the project.

    2. Jesus Vinnie take a chill pill and relax nobody is forcing you to use this mod, modders spend months perfecting mods for the community if they feel the need for a donation etc because of the hard work they do then thats up to them it’s their choice and its the users choice if they want to use it…..

      1. D_B_Creation

        Thank you FID, yes exactly, what i want to answer.

  8. А идите-ка вы на хер со своим казино, говноеды

  9. jordanbred

    it looks super cool getting mod i will try and i will give you a feedback

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