DAF Caterpillar Skin


Caterpillar Skin for DAF XF and DAF XF 50keda Trucks

Author: JLourenco


4 thoughts on “DAF Caterpillar Skin

  1. Mas que raio de linguagem é essa ?

  2. Looks great! 😀

  3. James Bakker

    Skin looks good, but I’m more interested in the Wheel(s) pack.

    Could someone point me into the right direction, name indications or author name ?


    1. JLourenco

      James Bakker.

      I’m sorry, only see your question at this moment..

      The Wheel Pack is from “Dragon.911”

      Theres a Link: https://ets2.lt/en/realistic-tires-v-1-0/

      It works on 1.13.x 🙂

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