DAF Euro 6 Romania Interior


Designed: furkan61
Edit for Romania: Cristian


7 Responses to DAF Euro 6 Romania Interior

  1. Cayd says:

    could you do an english one?

  2. wegger says:

    Slovakia interior please

  3. Cristian says:

    in the near future will make for more countries, currently I did for my country

    • BNLTRANS says:

      Could you make also standard interior with only the extra’s (stuff)- no red color? just normal đŸ™‚

  4. dodo says:

    nu se vede din exterior, o fi de la alte mod-uri?

  5. DANI says:

    Foarte bun mod multumesc

  6. wegger says:

    Austria interior please.

    Change:Remove magazines,remove the small truck, remove the pair of glasses, remove computer and add a small flag austria PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE

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