DAF Rust Skin

DAF-Rust-Skin-1 DAF-Rust-Skin-2

Rust Skin for DAF Truck

Author: CS


9 thoughts on “DAF Rust Skin

  1. Y el enlace???

    1. Cristian Florin

      now is

  2. Cristian Florin

    why do we link to download?

    1. Cristian Florin

      now is. thanks

  3. I dont understand your self replys 😀 But who ever would like to drive rusty and ugly DAF, which can look beautiful?

    1. apferreira truckman

      real life ?

  4. renaulthater

    Make that skin for Renault Magnum and Premium!

    1. Cristian Florin

      ok … will follow

  5. apferreira truckman

    this bodywork is rotten or 100 kg epoxy the way, nice work, hehehehehe

    esta lataria está podre nem 100 kg de epoxi da jeito, belo trabalho, hehehehehe

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