DAF XF 105 Paul Imming Skin Pack by Wexsper

DAF XF 105 Paul Imming Skin Pack by Wexsper

Paul Imming Skin Pack includes:
– Skins for DAF XF 105
– Skins for Ekeri tandem trailer
– Skin for Schmitz SK.O trailer
– Skin for Kelsa lightbox
– Painted truck and trailer wheels

Required mods:
– Rigid chassis pack for all SCS trucks by iconRJ
– Ekeri trailers by Kast
– Ekeri tandem addon by Kast
– Schmitz SK.O trailer by Obelihnio & JUseeTV
– Kelsa lightbars by Obelihnio
– Wheels pack by Abasstreppas
– Wheels pack for ownership trailers by Abasstreppas

Please do not edit my skins without my permission and keep the original links!

Enjoy & happy trucking!


DOWNLOAD 7 MB [mirror]

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2 thoughts on “DAF XF 105 Paul Imming Skin Pack by Wexsper

  1. Feel free to do more with other company logos would clearly be good !!

    -All Box’s (4 and 4.4m)
    -Scania S by Eugene
    -4500mm Chassis
    -4700mm Chassis

    For truck you need:
    -Next Generation Scania P G R S by Eugene
    -Rigid Chassis Addon for Eugene’s Scania NG by Kast

    For trailer you need this:
    -Ekeri, Vak, Kraker, Närko, Knapen and NTM Tandem trailers ADDON by Kast

    Thanks in advance!!

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