DAF XF 2021 & E6 Paccar MX 13 3.0 Engine Sound [1.49]

– Daf_MX13_more_silent cab
– Daf_MX13_XD_addon
– Daf_MX13_3.0

The engine is the same as the previous E6 in real life and it sounds the same.
In this version of the mod i have added all the interior sounds for the new Daf 2021, have reworked the whole engine sound, and made it working in multiplayer.
Now both 2021 and E6 trucks work in multiplayer for the sounds.
It works with the SCS trucks and the Jaspers.

kriechbaum, abasstreppas


One thought on “DAF XF 2021 & E6 Paccar MX 13 3.0 Engine Sound [1.49]

  1. Phenomenal contribution.
    I would like to propose an idea that I did not find anywhere.
    It would be wonderful to have a mod that changes the sounds of the combustion engine for the electric models of each brand, such as Volvo, which uses different sounds to mark each activity carried out with the truck.
    I can’t get anything like that to work, I have the Volvo sound files, but I can’t find the right program to create the mod

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