DAF XF 50K + Nvidia Trailer ProfiLiner


Tested version
The trailer is standalone
Truck: 50Keda
Trailer: TZ Team
Skin: Fred_be


6 thoughts on “DAF XF 50K + Nvidia Trailer ProfiLiner

  1. DAF-Driver

    Is that only the Skin and Trailer …
    when i go tot the DAF Dealer i see only
    is say Standalone Truck … can anyone help me ? Thx

  2. Standalone Trailer
    The truck is here https://ets2.lt/en/daf-xf-105-v-1-0/

  3. HI fred my name is by windows live Hakan [email protected]

  4. Jolie travail!

  5. Scania Lover

    The trailer is broken. When I get the trailer, I can see the NviDia and all…but when I take the job, it turns into a DHL trailer, a complete different skin job on the trailer. It’s broken. Please fix this!

  6. You are good Fred! Thank you

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