Danish Curtains for Scania Next Gen

this is re-texture danish style from original mod Animated side curtains for Scania Next Gen by oq37, suitable for S series and R.

thank you for oq37, has made this great mod!

Game version: mod tested on version 1.30.

Allow copy on another forum but keep orginal download link and author! Do not reupload!!

oq37, Adt_14, scs


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9 thoughts on “Danish Curtains for Scania Next Gen

  1. Dominik Benner

    Where can i get these Window stickers for Next Gen Scania ? Greetings

  2. Mod funktioniert gut und sieht gut aus … lvl. 1.30.

  3. Maybe something like that for RJL? 😉

    1. Just change the def file.

  4. Jonas Rasmussen


  5. Wessel Ploeg

    Where did you get the steeringwheel from? Looks very nice!

  6. The yellow color can make such pretty curtains?

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