DC Celadon Volvo VNL 670 + American Trailer Skin Pack 01

DC Celadon (1) DC Celadon (3) DC Celadon (2)

Hey guys, this is my Celadon combo skin pack. File includes truck dealer stock Celadon skin for the VNL670 and includes the skinned American trailer. Both skins done by me (David Corley) and trailer mod is by stewowe. You will need to download the Volvo VNL670 separately. Tested on Please keep my original mediafire link intact meaning please do not reupload using a different link. I would appreciate that very much. Thank you!

Note: Only one of stewowe’s American trailers can be active in-game at one time.

VNL670 Skin & Trailer Skin – David Corley; Trailer Mod – stewowe


One thought on “DC Celadon Volvo VNL 670 + American Trailer Skin Pack 01

  1. I had a ###### of a time for some reason with sharpening the door text of the vnl. When I skin the T800 I never have issues, but with skinning this truck it was a pain. I love the truck though, but that text is difficult to make really crisp. I am not sure why. I used corel photoshop pro to begin the skinning process so maybe that is where i went wrong or maybe its a template issue?? Either way I did the best I could and I hope you guys still like it…just dont zoom in real close. lol 🙂 If you skinners out there have any text tips, please let me know. Thanks!

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