De G root Combo Pack


De G root Skin for DAF XF 105 Truck and Trailer

Author: 看那少年疯了


8 Responses to De G root Combo Pack

  1. losevo58 says:

    Автор !! Забыли вложить в раздачу Skin for DAF XF 105
    The Author !! Forgot to put in hand Skin for DAF XF 105

  2. Mees120 says:

    Hey, nice work. But there is a little problem. I’m Dutch so I know this company, and you discribe it as De G root, but it is De Groot, there isn’t a space between the ‘G’ and the ‘r’

    It still looks good though, nice work.

  3. Bobbo662 says:

    Nice work!

  4. Nautilus_Pe says:

    Nice, but you also have a typo in “Inretnational” should be “International” 😛

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