Dealer fix for Mercedes Benz C63s AMG Coupe

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Dealer fix for “Mercedes Benz C63s AMG Coupe by Hamza Gurbuz”

You can buy this car from all of the dealers.

– Transmission works as automatic.
– Added sound.

Place above the original mod in mod manager.

Compatible for: 1.32.x



14 thoughts on “Dealer fix for Mercedes Benz C63s AMG Coupe

  1. can you make dealer fix for Alfa Romeo Giulietta

  2. Talip Avcı

    Dealer not fixed, my game is crashing. I using new save game.

    1. Remove the game.log.txt and try again. It’s not because of mod, because of 1.32 has lots of bugs.

      1. Kevin Naldony

        u little liar

        1. Yes I am a liar and all people who thanks me for the mod are liars too.

  3. super mod thanks

  4. dear please fix man coach bus for 1.32

  5. Can you make it compatible with ATS

    1. Please make a request on
      so I can add to my list. Otherways it’s very difficult to remember all requests.

  6. Bonjour, mon jeux ce ferme quand je veut aller dans une concession

    1. vous devez activer le mod original et le mod correctif. fix mod devrait être au-dessus du mod original.

  7. hello i don’t find this car on dealers
    i have cracked version


    pourquoi la voiture rebondie sur place en 1.34 ?


    pourquoi la voiture rebondit sur place en 1.34 ?

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