Dispatcher V1.27

– Adaptation for 1.27.x

Substitution activation symbols.
– On the bases, stations, gas stations, ferries and railway-crossing,
barriers, car dealerships, staffing agencies, garages – instead of
green activation character is a man-manager;
– The place of unloading and loading place: added
find_your_trailer_mod_1.11-and_newer – almost entirely removes the
highlight rectangle parking and loading.

SCS Software, EvgenKo423, Knox_xss


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4 thoughts on “Dispatcher V1.27

  1. Shut up please, I have full permissions to edit and upload this mod! Thanks! 🙂

    1. Reported to admin 🙂 Maybe you will be banned for this comment 😉 Write Commenting Rules!!

  2. it’s a ###### mod … i mean drive on top of people?? sewer mod is much better..

  3. EvgenKo423

    1. There is NO adaptation for 1.27 whatsoever! It is for 1.26.
    2. It won’t work on 1.27+.
    3. Images are taken from 3 existing mods. Second is mine and it doesn’t correspond to the actual mod content.
    3. You don’t have permissions to use these images – by default everything is restricted.
    4. You don’t get any money from me ‘cuz I use AdBlock.

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